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The internet has a plethora of resources available right at your fingertips. Other than print out a pizza or teleport across the universe, you can do just about anything online (and those two services will likely come soon). Not only is it difficult to find the services that you are looking for, but sometimes, you may not even know that they exist!

Here are a variety of services that we have concluded to be useful. I hope that you enjoy. Make sure that you keep coming back – once the pizza printing service is available, we will be sure to list it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The perfectly place to start. Here is where you many find many wise answers to the questions that you ponder. This page answers the most common questions that I have been asked over the years about me, the universe, and how to grow really great facial hair. I am always willing to personally answer your questions as well – just let me know!

Independent Software Developers Forum (ISDEF)

The main purpose of the ISDEF is to contribute to the support and improvement of the software developing process as well as introduction and inculcation of software. To achieve this purpose, Association plans to organize seminars, conferences and other forms of experience exchange; to arrange events, directed against the problem of computer piracy; to help in organizing the effective process of creating and introducing the software products. For more information visit their website.

PADGen Guidelines

PAD is an acronym for Portable Application Description. It is a system that helps authors provide product descriptions and related information to online sources in a standardized manner, and using a standard database format. This allows webmasters and program librarians to automate their submission processing and listings creation. PAD saves time for both authors and webmasters. For more information see the PAD FAQ page.


The oldest online software store in the world. SWREG, in existence since 1987, is a valuable service that was created to provide software and shareware authors the most convenient means possible of selling their products online. SWREG is the most advanced secure payment registration site on the web today with annual sales at the $45m mark and is very easy to use. For more information, vist SWREG.

Our Partners

Put the next step of your business strategy into overdrive at a great price by making a purchase from one of these phenomenal companies. Our partners are not only great at what they do, but they are great at helping businesses succeed. Browse through our partners and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about this list.

Scott's BoxShot Maker

The Scott's Box Shot Maker program is a unique marketing tool and image-editing software that creates a virtual package for your product. A box shot is a colorful image of the box in which your product would be packaged if it were on the shelf at a software store. Now you can use your company's existing logos and promotional images to create a virtual box with ease, whether you've actually developed packaging or not. Box shots are a key motivating factor in potential customers' perception of overall product quality and their willingness to download your product.

Note: This program really is pretty horrible by todays standards, but in 1998, it was the bomb! :)