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“DreamQuest Software has been submitting our Championship Pro games to Scott for several years now. We have always received fair and accurate reviews and rating. This information helped to assess and highlight our games' strengths and supported in increased sales. ” - Bethany Siegler (DreamQuest Software)

The Promaxum Seal of Quality is to software what Spock is to the Enterprise – a levelheaded, intelligent and honest opinion. After my evaluation of your product, if it adheres to the Promaxum standards, you will have evidence that more people than just your mom think that your product is awesome. This seal reveals that a professional in the industry approves of your product.

Using my extensive experience in the industry I can give you pointers as to what works great and what may need some tweaking. Our short evaluation can save a lot of hassle, confusion, and poor reviews from customers. Let Promaxum approve your software and you can be sure that others will approve of it as well!

How do I rate software?

Nobody likes unconstructive criticism. Therefore, I point out things that need to be improved and then give suggestions as to how to make your product better. I use a comprehensive system that looks at all aspects of your application and website. I will test the functionality of your application, compare it to others in the industry, check the installer and uninstaller, and evaluate your help resources. Additionally, I will provide you with a rating of your overall product and service. I will also look at your order system, online help, customer support and ease of the download and purchase. Basically if the user sees it, so will I. You will receive a detailed report and if you pass, the seal of quality award will be presented to you.

Don't spent hundreds of dollars on those download sites only to get rejected. Get it evaluated first – then you will know that your time and money will be well spent.

Take a look at a few authors who have already received a Seal of Quality Certificate for their application. Once you have earned the Seal of Quality we will send you a link to display your award on your Website. This will symbolize your excellence in the software industry. Your visitors are potential customers. Show them you create high quality software that they can feel comfortable buying. Get this Seal of Quality for your website now!

Here is what you get:

• An evaluation by the founder of the TUCOWS rating system •

• Useful suggestions as to how to make your product better •

• Discovery of glitches or other issues •

• A positive review for your product •

• A Seal of Quality to display on your website and product •

• The Promaxum satisfaction guarantee •