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“Scott did one of the best reviews of my games early on in the evolution of Big Fish Games. His feedback and ratings of my games often prompted new versions which greatly improved sales and conversion rates from the free to the paid version.” - Paul Thelen (Big Fish Games)

So, you want to get the word out about your product, but Ron Burgundy is too busy talking about pandas to be of any use. Don’t fret anymore! Purchase the Software Rover package and your program will be distributed through our hundreds of download site partners. Save yourself time, effort, and headache by letting us get the word out about your new software.

A programmer’s job is never done. It seems as if the moment that you finish your product, it’s time to put out an updated version. While these updates are great for customers and great for business – they can become a nightmare for distribution. Who wants to place your updated program on hundreds of website every month when a new upgrade is finished? That’s about as fun as working for Michael Scott.

Faster than a plane, a train, or a speeding bullet, with this distribution package, I take your PAD file (or create one for you), and send it out to hundreds of relevant websites – fast! Then, once you have a new version – I do the same thing and the files get updated automatically. Through my method of updating these websites, you can save yourself tens of hours and get your updates out to the public immediately.

All completed before you can count to 10 (in Ancient Egyptian, by memory, in front of the president). After I receive your PAD file, I will verify all the information and schedule a start date for you. Typically this process takes 2-3 days to start and no more than 7 business days to complete. Additional updates to your program will require a new purchase of the Software Rover Submission Service.

Here is what you get:

• Submissions to hundreds of the top ranked software sites •

• I will create a PAD file for you or use yours •

• PAD hosting and file maintenance •