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It’s amazing how, when you do something awesome for someone else, they are willing to do something awesome for you. These are some of my best clients, who, in turn, have been thoughtful enough to share about their experience with me. Because my ego isn’t quite as big as Iron Man’s (although sometimes it gets close), I will refrain from talking about myself and let these people share their experiences:

Kevin Adair, Cybration, Inc.

"With regards to Scott Swedorski and his ability to judge software and the credibility his word carried, his word is gospel. The cow rating system he pioneered at TUCOWS is still one of the most sought after ratings. Everyone wants 5 cows on their software. I know how it can benefit a small company from my own personal experience. We went from a simple one product company to one of the industries leading video chat software companies. By having a high rating from Mr. Swedorski and getting into his distribution network was incredible... We maintain several thousand downloads a day."

Nick Bradbury, Bradbury Software, LLC

"Over the years I have worked with Scott, his reviews and insights to software have been instrumental to my success. Not only does he understand the industry, he helped create and define how the software review process is today."

Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media

"Scott has exceptional rating and reviewing skills. The service offered continually raises the bar for quality standards. Always fast and friendly results, Scott is a true pleasure to work with."

Sharon Housley - NotePage Inc.

"In the past I've worked with Scott Swedorski sharing ideas relating to software development and marketing. He understands the industry, and what consumers want. Scott provides great feedback on feature sets and has been helpful in improving our product line."

Dmitri Kourashev - Famatech, LLC

"I have known Scott Swedorski since 2000. From this experience I can conclude that Scott has very broad knowledge of IT market, he is an expert when it comes to reviewing software. I'm 100% sure that Scott can manage IT projects either from the technical point of view or as the marketing guy. The key factor is his understanding of both technical aspects of software and deep understanding what the end-users need."

Michael Kovnick, Cyberspace Headquarters, LLC

"I have always worked with Scott as it relates to our product listings. I can say without any hesitation whatsoever, that Scott has always been the best person to work with in this regard. Besides quality of reviews, the positive impact on our company as a result is beyond measure. At one point, we were able to measure as much as 20% of our growth as being directly related to Scott’s efforts. Working with Scott has always been more than a pleasure. If he promises something, he delivers more. When there is problem, he handles it with more professionalism than any other I have met, and he has always has a way of putting out fires while leaving smiles on everyone’s face."

Dr. Peter Komorowski, Software Brat Inc.

"Scott Swedorski has an exceptional aptitude for assessing and rating the quality of software according to relevant and realistic criteria. The five cow rating system stands head and shoulders above the rest with respect to its credibility and fairness. Those who wish to buy software or create their own can benefit by observing Scott’s guidelines."

Campbell Mander, Castle Software

"Through my dealings with Scott, I have always found him to be a man of very high standards, both technically and ethically. His replies to email queries were always timely and complete. If he provides the same level of service to everyone that he provided to me, then I strongly suggest that you trust him and use his services"

Marc Orchant, VanDyke Software, Inc.

"Scott Swedorski's ability to review our very technical products is one of the primary reasons we have always made him a principle part of our distribution strategy. At VanDyke Software, we make heavy-duty network security tools for systems administrators, software developers, and webmasters. Our flagship product, SecureCRT, is a veritable Swiss army knife program and its complexity has confused most reviewers. As a result, many of the reviews of this program tend to miss its richness. Scott's reviews of SecureCRT provided the community with a technically accurate, succinct summary of what this product has to offer."

Slaven Radic, Poco Systems Inc.

"We have been extremely pleased with the service Scott Swedorski provided via Tucows download site. Our software reviews were always accurate and were able to showcase the best features our software had to offer. Furthermore, we privately received further feedback on missing or incomplete features of our software which gave us great insight into what our target market demanded the most, and where we should focus our attention. It all resulted in increased sales, excellent copy for our promotional materials, and better focus in our product development to meet the always changing needs of our market. With his knowledge of Windows software Scott was in a great position to accurately assess the current state of our products and give us the ability to fine-tune our future development efforts."

Mark Peterson, Rhino Software, Inc.

"I've been writing software for a long time, and have been involved with Internet based software since 1995. Since I started in 1996 I've worked with Scott directly. Scott has been a true pioneer in the try-before-you-buy industry, and has been a pioneer in marketing and sales. From the very start Scott has guided me to making the very best software I can, and has helped my company grow from a part-time business to one that employees many people. Like many other companies and individuals in the software industry, Scott has been a great asset."

Kathy Salisbury, Pharos Games

"Scott Swedorski (through Tucows) was instrumental in getting attention for my software products. No other software site has impacted my sales in such a positive manner. Not only that, but the review on Tucows was noticed by Scholastic, Inc, the largest publisher of children's books in the world. Because of the Tucows review, I signed a contract with Scholastic for the new version of my Cherokee Trails educational game."

Mike Stevenson, Liquid Mirror

"Your review for the Seal of Quality was in-depth and extremely insightful. It will be very helpful for future development. It's probably the most constructive piece of advice I've ever had on the product, and I've solicited literally thousands of opinions. This was well worth the price, even if we hadn't received the seal. Thank you!"

Scott J. De Sapio, STOPzilla!

"The impact Scott had on our success is simply impossible to measure. Being "newbies" to the software publishing arena, Scott's constant guidance and advice, was invaluable and always humbly appreciated as an undeserved gift. Scott Swedorski remains an inspirational figure throughout our organization and will always be regarded as one of our most valued relationships."

Bethany Siegler, DreamQuest Software

"DreamQuest Software has been submitting our Championship Pro games to Scott for several years now. We have always received fair and accurate reviews and rating. This information helped to assess and highlight our games' strengths and supported in increased sales."

Kathleen Swedorski, Scott's mother

"My boy is a wonderful person. What more can I say?"

Paul Thelen, Big Fish Games LLC

"Scott did one of the best reviews of my games early on in the evolution of Big Fish Games. His feedback and ratings of my games often prompted new versions which greatly improved sales and conversion rates from the free to the paid version. It was this feedback that made Tucows the first site we launched new games. Scott has a great understanding of the shareware market and what it takes to make a good product a great product."