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“Scott has exceptional rating and reviewing skills. The service offered continually raises the bar for quality standards. Always fast and friendly results, Scott is a true pleasure to work with. ” - Chris Hoffman, Mystik Media

If you’re like Tony Stark and believe that it’s important to continually update your creation, then this is the package for you! Customers expect to have access to your most recent updates as soon as they are available – so give your customers what they want! With this comprehensive program I will submit your content to a plethora of download websites where it has the potential of being viewed by millions of people. Additionally, with this package, you will be able to have any updates that you create uploaded to all of the sites that offer your product. This will save you huge amounts of time and the overwhelming headaches that come with trying to continually verify that your most recent update is available to the public.

Have you fixed a bug or created a new version to release? No problem. With the hundreds of software download sites that I submit to, all of your software will remain relevant and useful! Simply create great software, send it to me, and I will be sure that it gets in front of the people who can benefit from its use. Make your life easier and purchase this package.

Faster than a plane, a train, or a speeding bullet, with this distribution package, I take your PAD file (or create one for you), and send it out to hundreds of relevant websites – fast! Then, once you have a new version – I do the same thing and the files get updated automatically. Through my method of updating these websites, you can save yourself tens of hours and get your updates out to the public immediately.

This package is likely one of the most valuable on the web for anyone preparing to launch a new product or service. Why go to a variety of different services when you can come to one place to have someone review your product, promote your product, and provide some basic business tips? Use Promaxum to do all of this!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your website and software will be made visible to millions of potential customers from around the world with this valuable package.

After I receive your PAD file, I will verify all the information and schedule a start date for you. Typically this process takes no more than 7 business days. Any additional updates to your program will require a new purchase of the Software Rover Submission Service.

Here is what you get:

• A Seal of Quality Review •

• Submissions to hundreds of the top ranked software sites •

• A “mini” website consultation •

• Fantastic advertising and backlinks for your website •

• I will create a PAD file for you or use yours •

• PAD hosting and file maintenance •

• Access to my resort home on the planet of Tatooine •